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About Us

What is Bryant Bureau?

Founded in 1987, Bryant Bureau was created to meet the market’s growing need for technical and engineering recruitment services. For over 35 years, our team of tenured and specialized recruiters have crafted long-term connections and acquired the deep well of industry knowledge to effectively overcome hiring obstacles.  

Hire Smarter - Hire Faster - Hire to Scale
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We work on a global scale.

Our team has achieved increasingly quantifiable success worldwide by bringing our unique brand of personalized recruiting to the automotive, manufacturing, electrical, and other spaces, delivering engineering, office support, finance, sales, marketing, HR, and other highly qualified professionals.

Our team is built to take on any hiring obstacle. No role is too specialized.

With over 15 professional recruiters and administrative support staff, we offer our clients 200+ years of experience finding, attracting, and securing passive candidates already proven successful in specialized roles and fields such as EV, engineering management, design quality, testing, purchasing, information systems, and critical C-level management. 

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