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Sr. Chemical Engineer/ Sr. Chemist-Wayne County, MI

Job Description: 

Please send your resume directly to that will be held in confidence until we both agree this is a good match
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a. Making pre-polymer
b. Making urethane batches
c. Make test pieces
d. Testing batches (viscosity, moisture content, etc.)
e. Testing physical properties (lap shear, quick knife)
f. Recording the data
g. Understanding the chemistry – Moisture-cure polyurethane (PU)
h. How to run and maintain the lab equipment (cabinets, ovens, etc.)
2) Learn the companies’ way of doing things
a. How to write a request for equipment or services
b. How to ask for help from your boss (problem solve)
3) Assist setting-up our polyurethane manufacturing
a. Help Engineering set up the equipment (understand what is what in production)
b. Review FMEAs to create robust manufacturing processes
4) Create a plan for scaling-up products (pilot manufacturing)
5) Create development plans (with our Project Managers)
a. Ensure we meet the planned timing
b. Develop plans that proactively prepare us for business (test beyond what is in-plan)
6) Meet with customer’s engineering teams
a. Develop technical relationships to foster our technology bringing confidence
b. Learn the customer’s application process by visiting assembly plants (our end customer)
7) Understand the Direct Glazing (DG) market in the US & Canada
a. Who (by customer) uses what type of materials and why?
b. From a technical perspective, how can we gain business?
c. Develop a technical road map for new products for NA
8) Prepare presentations showing our products, data and production capabilities
9) Interact with our global colleagues in Switzerland and China
a. Global development projects
b. Troubleshooting
c. Shared knowledge
10) Train our Sales and Project Management people in PU and DG principles
11) With local and global Purchasing, create a plan to reduce raw material prices
a. Develop relationships with our raw material suppliers
b. Evaluate new sources of materials to create 2nd sources for all raw materials
12) Develop relationships with automotive paint and glass suppliers
13) Troubleshoot production (our plant) and application issues (at the customer)
14) Primary technical launch support for new business
a. Ensure the correct material arrives on-time
b. Be present for system fill. Assist where necessary
c. Prepare a plan for our site reps. to use to monitor the process
15) Review QC data to control the quality of our materials

To apply for this role please email the recruiter below. Please send an updated word version of your resume along with your target salary
Christy Adkins
Technical Recruiter/Account Manager
(586) 772-6452