Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator-Wayne County, MI

Job Description: 

Responsible for:
Maintain and update facility environmental compliance library and files, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Monitor and track facility environmental permit status and update or renew as necessary to maintain compliance.
Record and monitor facility environmental data as related to waste management, pollution prevention, air discharges, water management, spill containment, etc. Storm Water audits with quarterly reporting to maintain compliance with MDEQ
Promote pollution prevention, eco-management awareness and safety requirements among facility personnel through training programs.
Observe day-to-day activities to recommend environmental and safety improvement projects at the facility. Plant audits to identify potential non-compliance for spills and container identification. Plant Safety audits to identify potential non-compliance to OSHA requirements
Provide a liaison with emergency response personnel and coordinate spill response in the event of a spill.
Testing returned material and samples from the field for concern analysis, corrective action and material disposition
Sampling, analyzing, profiling Hazardous and Regulated Wastes; signing and tracking manifests
Perform and track investigations into customer complaints on finished products (Customer Concerns, 8D's, etc.)
all other duties assigned by supervisor/manager

Coordinates all Spill Reporting and Clean-up Procedures
May be required to be trained and authorized for Respirator Use depending on job assignment
Responsible for identifying, segregating and packaging Hazardous and other regulated waste
Must be able to identify, package and label materials for transportation
Must identify and use required Personal Protective Equipment
Ability to instruct hourly employees in PPE and general safety guidelines

In Charge Of:
Maintain ISO14001 registration; facilitating external surveillance audits and conducting internal audits
Conduct and/or coordinate training of appropriate personnel to comply with regulatory requirements like hazardous waste management, storm water runoff, spill prevention control and pollution plan, and waste minimization
Prerequisites and required skills:
Bachelor degree or higher degree in Environmental Engineering, Process Engineering or experience in a related field.
Ability to work all shifts, and train and mentor junior engineers, technicians and operators in OSHA and EPA regulations. Ability to manage outside auditors.
Ability to interact with quality and technical services department in customer concerns investigations
Strong Excel spreadsheet ability, proficient Word, PowerPoint etc.

Christy Adkins
Technical Recruiter/Account Manager
(586) 772-6452